About Solar Power

Q: Are solar panels fragile?

A:  Different panel surfaces are made of glass, hence fragile. However, since they are made of strengthened glass (tempered), passing through many stages of testing, they are quite strong. They just need to be handled well.

Q: How powerful is a solar system?

A: The size of a solar system required for a particular client is arrived at through a process called sizing. The client has to disclose all the gadgets he is to use on the system and for how long. Using this information plus others .i.e. location, our technician will mathematically work the panel, battery, regulator and other items required for the system, Hence, the strength of the system will vary from client to client since the above parameters vary.

Q: How long can the system last?

A: This depends on a number of factors that include, but not limited to, quality of the solar products, proper sizing and installation, how the client follows the users instructions given, environmental factors etc. However, a well designed system will last a long time. Moreover, our products carry comprehensive warranties ranging between 1 to 25 years.

Q: Do the batteries need maintenance?

A: Depending on the type of batteries under consideration. Wet batteries may require maintenance, while sealed maintenance free batteries might require minimal maintenance; Always follow the instructions given by the installers of your system

Q: How long does it take to install a PV System?

A: Genuine installations take from a day, weeks to months, depending on the size and type of installation plus other factors like location. However, most home systems just take days.

Q: Are the panels needed to be cleaned periodically?

A: Depending on the area under consideration, they may be cleaned twice a year or more. If your area is dusty, it might require more cleaning. Simply use a clean piece of cloth with no soap or detergents. Do not walk on or over the panels, no sharp objects or abrasives as you clean. Do not spray water on the panels when they are very hot.

About Power Protection Equipment

Q: What are power protection equipments?

A: These are equipments which protect your units against surges, spikes, over-voltage, under-voltage, Power back-surges, lightening and other power related problems.

Q: How many appliances can I connect to one AVS?

A: It depends; as an example the AVS13 is rated at 13Amps meaning you can connect as many appliances as you wish as long as you do not exceed the rating of the AVS.

Q: Should I use the AVS or a Stabiliser to protect my equipment?

A: You have to understand the behavior of the mains in your area. Likewise, you have to understand the nature of the gadgets you want to protect. After knowing these two, you may select the appropriate gadget to use. Visit our shop for free advise where you are not sure.

Q: The Sollatek range of AVRs has an output of +/-4% accuracy while a mechanical based stabilizer can produce +/-1% accuracy. Isn't this better?

A: +/-4% accuracy is better than what the mains provide and yes better than +/-1, however, this criterion should not be the only reason for choosing a stabilizer. Always consult before you make a decision.