New Sun Limited has a highly competent team in technical work, sales & marketing department. Our team helps clients in sizing of the systems at free of charge, teach how to use our systems or products and on top of that it does periodic checks on them to ensure total customer satisfaction

  • We carry out a fully equipped repair of certain products like inverters, regulators, UPS and others at large.
  • Rural Electrification: NSL promotes and implements the use of renewable energy for example solar taking into consideration of specific needs of certain areas.
  • Power protection equipment: NSL has a fully equipped service for installing these units for the home use, commercial buildings, embassies, local authorities, NGOs, petrol stations and banks. These units are meant to protect appliances against power surges, spikes, over and under voltages hence provide clean and reliable power.
  • Solar water pumping systems: Solar water pump systems are very vital in a range of solar energy applications. Let’s say in livestock watering especially in remote areas & hence solar operated water pumps are well suited and proven to meet your water pumping needs using solar Energy
  • Energy audits: At NSL we carry out residential and institutional energy consumption analysis and assessments with regards to recommending energy efficient processes and equipment
  • Solar power installation: We do solar power installations of any size for government & private institutions, NGOs, residential and commercial buildings.
  • Power back-up Systems: We install back-up systems for hostels, universities, institutions, schools, hotels, banks, commercial buildings, supermarkets, studios and offices
  • Power upgrades: At NSL we carry out different upgrades from grid power to solar this can be done after knowing the loads which are being used by any client then after we carry out the sizing to see how many solar panels, regulator, batteries & inverter needed for that particular system.